Best Startup Law Firms in Delhi, India

Best Startup Law Firms in India, MAHESHWARI & CO. is considered among Top Startup Law Firms in Delhi NCR, India owing to its quality Startup Legal services, winning Legal strategies. Our extensive Legal experience and dedicated team of Professional Startup lawyers make us well poised to emerge as the Best Law Firm for Startup Companies in India!

Startup Law Firms in Delhi

The Best Law Firm assisting Start-Ups in India, Maheshwari and Co is considered among the Top Startup Law Firms in Delhi NCR, India owing to its quality Legal services, winning Legal strategies.

MAHESHWARI & CO. acknowledges starting a business can be a difficult task. A trustworthy internal management structure, robust financial support, and a well processed business strategy are the most critical aspects for any successful start-up.

Launching a business, whether small or large, brings with it a slew of legal regulatory regulations that must be met. Furthermore, every organisation need written policies and internal management procedures to maintain seamless operations. Failure to comply with such regulations can result in severe fines/penalties and contingent liabilities and litigations.

Even while it is absolutely necessary and advantageous, finalizing the legal documentation to bring these ideas to life is frequently postponed. Legal assistance for startups in business formation and statutory legal compliance results in a firm foundation and hassle-free operations, allowing entrepreneurs/founders/promoters to focus on more important needs like hiring, funding and finance, and other activities that enable growth.

We at MAHESHWARI & CO. provide an inclusive package of services that take care of all the necessary compliances of new business formation.

MAHESHWARI & CO. handles the entire gamut of work legal, structural, and regulatory solutions tailored to entrepreneurs and startups to help them navigate all stages of their growth process, including incorporation, structure, compliance, documentation, funding choices, and employee stock options, among other things.

Our services are intended to help drive more profits to the bottom-line and enable our clients to grow their business and their client base without having to grow their staff and support infrastructure. Our services are designed to relieve our clients of the low end time consuming work, so they can focus their time and resources on higher value added activities.


Our Portfolio of Services Includes:

- Legal/Financial Structuring of Business

- Company/One Person Company/Limited Liability Partnership Formation

-Legal Compliances specific to the sector in which startup shall be functioning

-Drafting of NDA

-Drafting of Terms & Conditions & Disclaimers

-Drafting of Documents for Start-up

-Drafting & Vetting of Vendor and Employment Contracts

-Bookkeeping & Accounting

-Intellectual Property Rights Counseling including advising on trademark/copyright/design/patent registration


-FEMA Compliances in case of involvement of foreign investments

-Drafting of Transaction Documents with respect to funding including Joint Venture Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Loan Agreement and other definitive agreements

-Compliances with respect to Foreign Direct Investment Policy

-Advisory on Various legal aspects and regulatory Issues

-Expert Opinion on Crypto-currency

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