NRI Legal Services

NRI Legal Services

With a network spanning major cities in India including offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and beyond, MAHESHWARI & CO. provides seamless NRI legal services regardless of your geographical location.

Recognizing the complexities and implications of legal issues faced by NRIs, we are committed to providing efficient and experienced legal representation. Our team of legal experts is well-versed in navigating various areas of law and dealing with Indian authorities, ensuring that NRIs receive comprehensive support in addressing their legal concerns.

We ensure transparent communication and full accountability throughout the legal process, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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Services Offered

NRI Legal Services

In regard to NRI legal services our advisory includes resolving property disputes, obtaining succession certificates, drafting the power of attorney documents and managing properties on behalf of absentee owners.

Property Investment Agreements

We specialise in drafting and negotiating property investment agreements tailored for our NRI clients. Whether purchasing residential or commercial properties, we ensure that investment agreements are sound, compliant with regulations and protect our client's interests.

Transfer Deeds and Title Search

We assist clients with the preparation and execution of transfer deeds, conducting thorough title searches to identify any encumbrances or legal issues that may affect property ownership.

Wills and Testaments

We specialise in drafting wills and testaments that reflect our client's intentions and preferences. We further advice on estate planning, including strategies to minimise tax liabilities and maximise the value of inheritances for beneficiaries.

FEMA Compliances and Matters

We specialise in Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliances and matters tailored for NRIs seeking legal services. We assist NRIs in structuring transactions, obtaining necessary approvals from regulatory authorities and fulfilling reporting requirements.

Intellectual Property Protection

We assist NRIs in navigating the complex process of trademark registration, ensuring comprehensive protection for their brands, logos and creative works. From conducting trademark searches and preparing applications to representing clients before trademark authorities, our dedicated team provides end-to-end support to safeguard your intellectual property rights in India.

Arbitration and Mediation Services

We specialise in alternative dispute resolution methods, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to resolve conflicts outside of the courtroom. Our team facilitates productive negotiations, helping parties reach mutually acceptable agreements and avoid prolonged litigation. Whether resolving commercial disputes, contractual disagreements or family conflicts, we are committed to finding peaceful resolutions.


We provide representation in civil and criminal cases. Whether resolving contractual disputes, pursuing compensation for damages or defending against criminal charges, our NRI legal experts offer legal counsel and representation to achieve favourable outcomes.

Trusts and Estates

MAHESHWARI & CO. offers expert legal assistance in the establishment and management of trusts and estates. For NRIs, ensuring that assets are protected and distributed according to their wishes is paramount. Our team provides comprehensive guidance on structuring trusts, drafting wills and managing estates to preserve wealth and facilitate smooth transitions for future generations.

Why Choose Us?

Holistic NRI Legal Solutions

MAHESHWARI & CO. offers a comprehensive suite of legal services specifically tailored to the needs of NRIs. From property disputes to estate planning and beyond, we provide holistic solutions that address the unique challenges faced by NRIs.

Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach means that we take the time to understand your circumstances, concerns and goals and customize our legal strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

Proven Track Record of Success

MAHESHWARI & CO. has a proven track record of success in delivering favourable outcomes for our clients. Our team has successfully resolved numerous complex legal cases, earning the trust and respect of clients worldwide.

Work Highlights

MAHESHWARI & CO. Streamlines NRIs' Banking and Money Transfers

MAHESHWARI & CO. successfully assisted Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in banking and money transfers. The firm navigated the complexities of cross-border financial transactions, which can be daunting tasks, often fraught with legal intricacies, and has facilitated seamless money transfers, ensured compliance with regulations, Adding to this, the firm addressed legal hurdles encountered by NRIs, hurdles related to fund repatriation, managing account disputes, or navigating regulatory compliance, and stood as a trusted ally for NRIs, providing comprehensive legal support.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Resolves NRIs' Property Disputes Successfully

MAHESHWARI & CO. confidently assisted NRIs in overcoming property-related challenges, ranging from disputes with co-owners to complex inheritance issues. The firm managed every phase of the process, including negotiation, mediation, and court representation, ensuring the protection of clients' rights. Despite the distance factor, MAHESHWARI & CO. aids NRIs to navigate them through property disputes, offering a personalized and dependable legal resolution to suit their individual requirements.

Testimonials Of Clients


Why choose MAHESHWARI & CO. as your NRI legal services?

Choose MAHESHWARI & CO. as your NRI legal services provider for our expertise and personalised attention. With a dedicated focus on serving the legal needs of NRIs, we offer solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by clients. MAHESHWARI & CO. stands ready to be your trusted legal partner, providing the guidance and support you need to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

What NRI legal services does MAHESHWARI & CO. specialize in?

MAHESHWARI & CO. specialises in a wide range of NRI legal services. Our expertise spans various areas, including property disputes, investments, dispute resolution and more. Whether you require assistance with resolving complex property disputes or drafting wills and testaments our team is here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.

How to engage MAHESHWARI & CO. for NRI legal advice?

Engaging MAHESHWARI & CO. for NRI legal advice is a straightforward process. To begin, simply reach out to us through our website, email or phone to schedule an initial consultation. During an initial consultation, we will understand your specific legal needs and concerns. From there, we will work closely with you to develop a tailored legal strategy that addresses your unique circumstances and goals. 

What is our process for developing and executing a strategy for NRI clients?

At MAHESHWARI & CO., our process for NRI clients begins with a thorough assessment of their needs and concerns. We develop a tailored strategy, leveraging our expertise in areas such as property disputes, investments and more. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication, ensuring transparency and accountability. Our team executes the strategy with precision advocating our client’s interests, offering ongoing support, guidance and updates on regulatory changes. 

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