Energy & Infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure

Our energy law lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of the energy and infrastructure sector, including renewable energy projects, oil and gas exploration, transportation infrastructure and utilities regulation.

Recognizing that each energy and infrastructure project presents its own set of legal challenges, MAHESHWARI & CO. offers tailored solutions that address the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

We prioritize a client-centric approach in our energy and infrastructure practice by tailoring our strategies and services to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client.

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Services Offered

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

We provide guidance obtaining permits, licenses and approvals necessary for project development and operation. We assist clients in understanding and adhering to environmental, safety, zoning, land use and other regulatory requirements, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Project Development and Due Diligence

Our team conducts thorough due diligence assessments to identify and mitigate legal risks associated with project development and investment. We assist clients in conducting feasibility studies, negotiating land acquisition and lease agreements.

Project Finance and Structuring

For energy and infrastructure projects, we provide project Financing and Structuring services including traditional bank financing, project finance, public-private partnerships (PPP) and alternative financing mechanisms. Our firm assists clients in drafting and negotiating financing agreements, security documents and other financial instruments.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

We offer comprehensive contract drafting and negotiation services essential to energy and infrastructure projects. Our energy law lawyers draft, review, and negotiate a wide range of contracts, including construction contracts, procurement agreements, power purchase agreements (PPAs), operation and maintenance agreements and joint venture agreements. We ensure that contracts accurately reflect the party’s intentions, allocate risks appropriately and protect our EPC contracts, FIDIC contracts, licences, operation and maintenance agreements, concession agreements, and other auxiliary documents. We also provide guidance on financing and security agreements, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible terms client's interests throughout the project lifecycle.

Renewable Energy Transactions

We provide counsel on the development, financing and operation of solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass projects. Our firm assists clients in navigating incentive programs, tax credits, feed-in tariffs and renewable energy certificate (REC) markets.

Environmental and Sustainability Compliance

We conduct environmental impact assessments and implement sustainability initiatives while promoting sustainable practices and enhancing corporate responsibility in line with global environmental standards and best practices.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

MAHESHWARI & CO. represents clients in dispute resolution proceedings related to energy and infrastructure projects, including arbitration, mediation and litigation. Our firm handles disputes arising from contract breaches, construction delays, regulatory compliance issues, property rights disputes and other project-related conflicts.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

MAHESHWARI & CO. has expertise and a deep understanding of the energy and infrastructure sectors. Our energy law lawyers advice on the complexities of these industries, including regulatory frameworks, market trends and emerging technologies.

Proven Track Record in Project Finance

MAHESHWARI & CO. has a proven track record in structuring and securing financing for energy and infrastructure projects.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our work. We advise clients on incorporating sustainable practices into their energy and infrastructure projects.

Work Highlights

Legal Expertise in India's Green Hydrogen Mission

MAHESHWARI & CO. partnered with a German organization specializing in sustainable development to support the Government of India in developing the legal and regulatory framework for the National Green Hydrogen Mission. The firm played a critical role in analyzing existing legal structures and aiding in policy formulation for renewable energy advancement.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Aids IIT Roorkee in Legal Analysis of Grid-Scale Energy Storage Technologies

MAHESHWARI & CO. has assisted the Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee which is among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research. Since its establishment, the Institute has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. The firm has assisted and provided a comprehensive legal opinion to the client on the existing and anticipated laws for the advanced grid-scale energy storage technologies, in India. The Firm assisted the Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy, IIT Roorkee in understanding the legal footing of these technologies in India for the national report published by them in collaboration with MNRE. The firm has a chapter in the published report, briefly describing the legal implications of the same.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Facilitates Joint Venture for Italian Gas Compressor Company in India

MAHESHWARI & CO. has assisted an Italian company engaged in the business of construction and promotion of its gas compressors and the treatment of compressed air and gas. The firm assisted the company in the establishment of a joint venture with an Indian company, to expand its business in the Indian market. The firm has advised and assised the company in drafting of the Joint Venture agreement, Tech-Transfer Agreement, Corporate Structuring, and protection of IP, among other things.

Testimonials Of Clients


Why choose MAHESHWARI & CO. as your energy & infrastructure law firm?

Choosing MAHESHWARI & CO. as your energy and infrastructure law firm offers a distinct advantage rooted in our unparalleled expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge. With a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in the energy and infrastructure sectors, our firm is uniquely positioned to provide strategic counsel and tailored solutions that drive success.

What areas of energy & infrastructure law does MAHESHWARI & CO. have expertise in?

MAHESHWARI & CO. boasts expertise across various areas of energy and infrastructure law, providing comprehensive support to clients involved in diverse projects within these sectors. Our firm excels in regulatory compliance, helping clients navigate the complex legal frameworks governing energy and infrastructure development. We offer specialized guidance in project finance, assisting clients in structuring and securing financing for their projects through traditional bank financing, project finance and public-private partnerships (PPP).

How to engage MAHESHWARI & CO. for energy & infrastructure advice?

Engaging MAHESHWARI & CO. for energy and infrastructure advice is a straightforward process To begin, clients can reach out to our firm via phone, email, or our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, our energy law lawyers will take the time to understand the client's objectives, project details and any specific legal issues or concerns they may have. Based on this discussion, we will develop a customized plan of action outlining the scope of services needed and the approach we will take to address the client's needs effectively.

What is our process for developing and executing a strategy in energy & infrastructure?

Our process for developing and executing a strategy in energy and infrastructure begins with a thorough analysis of the project's goals, regulatory requirements and market dynamics. Based on this analysis, we develop a customized strategy tailored to the project's specific needs, leveraging our industry knowledge and legal expertise. Once the strategy is developed, we proceed with its execution, implementing each step with precision and diligence. Throughout the process, we prioritize open communication and collaboration, ensuring that clients remain informed and empowered to make informed decisions.

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