Secretarial Services

Secretarial Services

We don't just ensure compliance; we architect a compliance framework that syncs with your business's DNA.

Our commitment extends beyond risk mitigation to risk sculpting, where we proactively shape the risk landscape around your business.

Our services are designed to ensure that your governance structures and compliance frameworks contribute directly to your business objectives.

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Services Offered

Company Formation and Structuring

Guiding clients through the intricacies of company formation, structuring, and registration, ensuring compliance with Indian corporate laws and regulations.

Compliance and Governance

Assisting businesses in establishing robust corporate governance frameworks and compliance programs tailored to regulatory requirements. This includes advising on the Companies Act, SEBI regulations, and other relevant legislation.

Board and Shareholder Support

Providing comprehensive support for board and shareholder meetings, including preparation of agendas, minutes and ensuring adherence to legal and procedural requirements.

Regulatory Filings and Documentation

Managing timely submissions of statutory filings, maintaining statutory books and records and ensuring all corporate documentation complies with current laws and regulations.

Corporate Restructuring Support

Offering strategic advice on corporate restructuring processes, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and reorganizations, with a focus on compliance and operational efficiency.

Cross-Border Compliance

Assisting with the complexities of cross-border transactions, including foreign direct investment and international trade compliance, facilitating smooth international operations.

Why Choose Us?

In-depth Legal Expertise

Our team, led by seasoned professionals, possesses deep knowledge of corporate secretarial practices, ensuring that your business meets all regulatory obligations efficiently.

Proactive and Strategic Approach

We anticipate potential compliance challenges, providing proactive solutions to maintain corporate integrity and advance your business objectives.

Responsive and Accessible Service

Known for our responsiveness and accessibility, we build enduring relationships with clients, offering clear, actionable advice tailored to your business needs.

Work Highlights

MAHESHWARI & CO. Spearheads Seamless IT Cloud Transition

MAHESHWARI & CO. has assisted a premier IT firm renowned for its cloud migration services. The firm's comprehensive involvement spanned the meticulous structuring of the transaction, alongside the drafting and execution of critical transaction documentation, ensuring a seamless integration. This collaboration underscored MAHESHWARI & CO.'s commitment to facilitating robust entry and expansion strategies for global companies in the Indian market, demonstrating their legal acumen and strategic prowess in complex corporate transactions.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Guides Canadian Telecom Firm's Indian Market Entry

MAHESHWARI & CO. successfully assisted a leading Telecommunication Canadian company, specialising in providing international SIM cards and related services, to set up its operations in India. This move allows the company to provide services like cellular activation to Indian residents before they travel abroad. MAHESHWARI & CO. advised the company on how to navigate Indian market entry regulations, including Company Formation and Structuring along with compliance with financial, telecommunications, and corporate laws. They also handled trademark issues, including application filings, disputes, and negotiations.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Paves Way for Italian Fashion Brand in India

MAHESHWARI & CO. successfully facilitated the entry into the Indian market of a Global Fashion Brand based in Italy. Our team assisted the company in establishing a branch office in India and navigating the legal landscape to smoothly begin their operations here. The Compliance and Governance, Regulatory Filings and Documentation with respect to the formation of the branch office in India was skillfully handled by the Firm.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Guides US Architecture Firm's Indian Expansion

MAHESHWARI & CO. has effectively navigated the intricate process for a USA-based company specializing in architecture and engineering. Our firm led the representation of this company in setting up its branch office in India, managing the start of its operations across the country. With expertise, we handled a wide range of legal issues, encompassing Cross-Border Compliance, Corporate Governance and Corporate Filings, Ethics and Compliance Policies, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), among others. We delivered extensive support to ensure the company's seamless entry into the Indian market.

Testimonials Of Clients


Why choose MAHESHWARI & CO. as your company secretarial services law firm?

Choosing MAHESHWARI & CO. for company secretarial services means partnering with a firm that offers a unique blend of expertise, personalized service, and innovative solutions. Our firm is renowned for delivering comprehensive corporate secretarial services that not only ensure compliance with the latest regulations but also support your business's strategic objectives. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide tailored advice and support to navigate the complexities of corporate governance, making us a trusted advisor for your company secretarial needs.

What company secretarial services does MAHESHWARI & CO. specialize in?

MAHESHWARI & CO. specializes in a wide range of company secretarial services designed to support businesses at every stage of their growth. Our services include corporate governance advisory, statutory compliance, board and shareholder meeting management, maintenance of statutory records, compliance audits, and filing of annual returns. Additionally, we offer expertise in the drafting and review of corporate documents, assistance with corporate restructuring, and advisory on regulatory changes, ensuring that your business remains compliant and well-informed.

How to engage MAHESHWARI & CO. for company secretarial services?

Engaging MAHESHWARI & CO. for company secretarial services is straightforward. Interested clients can contact us through our website, via email, or by phone to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your specific needs, challenges, and objectives to understand how our services can best support your business. This initial dialogue allows us to tailor our approach to your company's unique requirements, ensuring effective and efficient service delivery.

What is our process for providing company secretarial services?

Our process for providing company secretarial services begins with a comprehensive assessment of your business's current compliance status and secretarial needs. We then develop a customized plan that addresses these needs while aligning with your business's strategic goals. Our team of experienced company secretaries and legal professionals works closely with your business to implement this plan, offering ongoing support, guidance, and updates on regulatory changes. Throughout the process, we focus on transparency, communication, and collaboration, ensuring that you are informed and engaged at every step.

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