Best Gaming Legal Service Firms in India

Best Gaming Legal Service Firms in India, MAHESHWARI & CO. is considered among the Top Gaming Legal Service Firms in Delhi NCR, India owing to its quality Legal services, and winning Legal strategies. Our extensive Legal experience and dedicated team of Professional Sports lawyers make us well-poised to emerge as the Famous Sports Law Firms in India!

Gaming Legal Service Firms in India

In India, the gaming industry has recently grown, and there has been an explosion of different online gaming platforms. Online gaming has become a mainstream source of entertainment and has gained increasing acceptance in India with a massive growth in number of online gamers. MAHESHWARI & CO. is one of the few law firms in India with a strong legal team that helps their clients navigate through the legal and regulatory environment, for establishing a business in this industry, in light of numerous central and state laws.

The Indian Gaming Laws have also been evolving over the period of time and like other countries, India has also recognised the need for moving from prohibition to regulation for the Gaming Industry.

Betting and gambling being state subjects (listed under Entry 34 under List II of Schedule VII), provides the states with the ultimate power to frame laws in their respective territories. Each state, hence, has its own anti- gambling law. Most of the states prohibit game of chance however game of skill is exempted from such prohibitions. Our Team at MAHESHWARI & CO. is well versed with the state-specific legislations and the relevant licensing requirements.

Recently, through the government notification dated 23rd December, 2022, the government has granted legal recognition to online gaming and stated that online gaming will be considered as a sport and will be regulated under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The Online Gaming (Regulation), Bill was also introduced in the Lok Sabha on 1st of April, 2022, regulating online gaming in India and giving it a legal status. It was introduced with the aim of establishing an effective regime to regulate online gaming industry, to prevent fraud and misuse on the internet gaming industry. The bill is applicable to whole of India except persons providing backend services in India, including hosting and maintenance services, for any international gaming website based outside India.

The Firm has a deep understanding of the fast-moving and dynamic gaming business and recognizes the ongoing convergence of gambling, casino & lotteries, casual & online social gaming.


Our Services :

- Advice on all the statutory compliances for an online gaming entity with regard to the provisions of The Companies Act, 2013 and all other previous laws

- Advisory services on pre and post set up compliance with the regulatory and legal framework

- Tax planning with respect to setting up a business in India

- Advisory on gaming laws and regulations in different states and their implications.

- Advising on compliance matters, including regulations in Internet

- Drafting and representation on employee agreements and contracts.

- Compliances with licensing requirements in different states in India.

- Intellectual Property protection including Drafting, Filing, Prosecution and opposition of applications of Trademarks, Copyrights, Domain Names, Business Processes

- Reviewing marketing, advertising and privacy matters to ensure compliance with jurisdictional obligations

- Compliance with the Information Technology rules and regulations in India including drafting of Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimers, etc.

- Provide advisory on transactional documents including but not limited to preparation of due diligence report; shareholders agreement of the companies engaged in gaming; share purchase agreement, etc.

- Commercial Litigation & Arbitration



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