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Recognized among the top corporate law firms in Bangalore with a wide network across major Indian cities, offering services across various sectors.

Dedicated to delivering high-quality legal solutions, ensuring the smooth operation and risk mitigation for client operations.

Offers a broad range of services including transaction structuring, india entry, Structuring including company formation, foreign investment, capital market dealings and risk management.

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Services Offered

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Offering expert guidance on all aspects of M&A transactions, including due diligence, Structuring Transaction, negotiation of terms, drafting of definitive agreements, and regulatory compliance. Our team ensures a smooth process from initial consultation to the final closing of the deal.

Feasibility Report

Specializing in the preparation of comprehensive feasibility reports. Our expertise includes market analysis, financial projections, legal environment assessment and risk evaluation to ensure that all aspects of the project are thoroughly analyzed before any commitments are made.

Joint Ventures and Collaborations

Advising on the formation, structuring and negotiation of joint ventures and strategic alliances. We help clients navigate cross-border complexities, draft joint venture agreements and provide ongoing support to manage these partnerships.

Commercial Contracts

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts to support day-to-day business operations. This includes supply agreements, service contracts, distribution and franchise agreements, licensing contracts and terms of service among others.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Assisting corporations in establishing governance structures and compliance programs to adhere to regulatory requirements. Our services include advising on corporate governance policies, directors' responsibilities, shareholder relations and compliance audits.

Regulatory Advice and Litigation

Offering regulatory advice to ensure business activities are in compliance with current laws and regulations. We represent clients in disputes arising from commercial and corporate matters, leveraging litigation, arbitration or mediation as needed.

Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

Providing strategic advice on restructuring options for distressed companies, including reorganizations, mergers, divestitures and insolvency proceedings. We aim to deliver practical solutions that preserve value and address the interests of all stakeholders.

Foreign Investment and Cross-Border Transactions

Advising on foreign direct investment (FDI) policies, structuring cross-border investments and navigating the regulatory framework for international trade. We assist with entry strategies, regulatory approvals and compliance for foreign investors and domestic companies expanding abroad.

Why Choose Us?

Legal Expertise

Our team is not just skilled in law; we specialize in corporate and commercial sectors, offering deep insights and tailored strategies that align with your business objectives. This focused expertise means we’re well-equipped to handle everything from routine legal matters to complex transactions and disputes.

Strategic Approach

We believe in a proactive approach to legal issues, anticipating potential challenges and providing solutions that prevent problems before they arise. Our goal is to not just resolve issues but to use legal strategies as a tool to advance your business goals.

⁠Accessible Service

Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and the accessibility of our team. We believe in building strong, ongoing relationships with our clients, being there when you need us, and providing clear, actionable advice promptly.

Work Highlights

Strategic Entry Support for American Wellness Brand

MAHESHWARI & CO. successfully facilitated the entry of a leading American healthcare and wellness company into the Indian market. The firm's involvement included crafting and negotiating a comprehensive Franchise Agreement with Indian partners, ensuring a smooth market entry. Additionally, the firm's IP Division played a pivotal role in protecting the client's valuable intellectual property by registering several trademarks.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Guides London Semiconductor Company to Stock Exchange Listing

MAHESHWARI & CO. played a pivotal role in the successful listing of a Public limited company, a foremost global semiconductor designer and supplier based in London. The firm’s contributions were critical in the Due Diligence of the company's subsidiaries and providing regulatory advisory in India, which facilitated the company's seamless listing on the Stock Exchange.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Facilitates IT Firm's Cloud Migration Project

MAHESHWARI & CO. has assisted a premier IT firm renowned for its cloud migration services. The firm's comprehensive involvement spanned the meticulous structuring of the transaction, alongside the drafting and execution of critical transaction documentation, ensuring a seamless integration. This collaboration underscored MAHESHWARI & CO.'s commitment to facilitating robust entry and expansion strategies for global companies in the Indian market, demonstrating their legal acumen and strategic prowess in complex corporate transactions

MAHESHWARI & CO. Drives German IT Firm's India Launch

MAHESHWARI & CO. played a pivotal role in effectively supporting a German Information Technology company that encompasses the entire systems and software engineering cycle, including requirements engineering, architecture and design, development, and testing. The firm aided the company in entering the Indian market by establishing an Indian Wholly Owned Subsidiary, and skillfully negotiating terms and conditions with Indian partners. Furthermore, MAHESHWARI & CO. provided assistance in the formation and structuring of the company, along with the drafting and vetting of various agreements.

MAHESHWARI & CO. Boosts Polish-Indian Trade Relations

MAHESHWARI & CO. Effectively assisted a European-based Government owned Corporation dedicated to promoting bilateral trade and investment. The firm has successfully facilitated the establishment of a branch office of this corporation in India. This strategic move aimed to enhance trade promotion between Polish and Indian companies, showcasing the firm's commitment to fostering international business relations.

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Why choose MAHESHWARI & CO. as your corporate & commercial law firm in Bangalore?

Choosing MAHESHWARI & CO. ensures you're partnering with a law firm that combines in-depth corporate and commercial legal expertise with a strategic approach tailored to the Indian market. Our team of dedicated attorneys brings a wealth of experience, offering personalized and efficient legal services that address your specific business needs and challenges.

What areas of corporate & commercial does MAHESHWARI & CO. have expertise in?

MAHESHWARI & CO. boasts a broad spectrum of expertise in corporate and commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, corporate governance, commercial contracts, regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights and dispute resolution. Our attorneys are well-versed in navigating the complexities of the Indian legal system, ensuring comprehensive support for your business endeavours.

How to engage MAHESHWARI & CO. for corporate & commercial advice?

Engaging MAHESHWARI & CO. for corporate and commercial advice is straightforward. Interested parties can reach out directly via our website, email, or telephone to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your legal requirements, business objectives, and how our services can be tailored to meet your needs. This step ensures a clear understanding of the scope of services and the establishment of a collaborative attorney-client relationship.

What is our process for developing and executing a strategy in corporate & commercial?

Our process for developing and executing a corporate and commercial strategy begins with a thorough understanding of your business goals and legal challenges. We then conduct comprehensive legal analysis and research to identify optimal solutions and strategies. Collaborating closely with your team, we craft a tailored action plan, ensuring all legal aspects are addressed efficiently and effectively. Execution involves continuous communication, adjustments as necessary, and a focus on achieving your business objectives with legal precision and strategic insight.

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