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In FY21, India Received US$81.72 Billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Top Trends
The FDI inflow in India has increased by 10% over the previous fiscal year. From FY2016 to FY 2020, the inflow rate of FDI in India has increased at the compound annual growth rate of 6%. Singapore was the leading investor of India in FY 2021. It has contributed 29% of total FDI inflow in India. The leading attractor sectors for investment in FY21 ware computer hardware and software. Gujrat with 37% of FDI inflow have attracted the most FDI. Read More

The Waves of Good News
In the waves of the COVID 19, India has so many good news in terms of FDI. The report says that India is ready to fight with the third wave of the COVID as there are drop in number of cases and rapid rise in vaccination drive. Besides that, India has done a great job to save its economy’s downturn. The farming has done an extraordinary well in terms of income; the finance of government is now looking better with the collection of GST of 1/1/41 lakh crore and 1/124 lakh crore respectively in March and April. Read More

From the Viewpoint of FDI, Trust Structures Are Essential
There are most number of business in India, which are family owned. Trust structure has become popular for the succession and wealth planning. According to standards of FEMA and NDI standards, trust is not included in the definition of person. The NDI guidelines says that, if any declaration made under the Companies Act, 2013 about the beneficial interest by a person living outside India will be considered as the foreign investment. The approval is most likely to be required. Read More

A Cabinet Note was Issued Allowing, for 100% FDI in the Oil Sector
The commerce and Industry ministry has circulated the draft note to cabinet for enable 100% FDI in Oil and Gas PSUs under an automatic mechanism. If it got the approval, it will add the India’s second biggest oil refiner BPCL for privatization. The government is planning to sell the 52.98% ownership in BPCL to privatize it. Read More

To Increase the Manufacturing Production Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh Calls Out Swedish Defense Majors
In the conference on defense Industry Corporation, Rajnat Singh has called out Swedish Defense Minister to increase the production in India to meet the demand as well as to serve the global requirements. Minister stated that India has a vibrant shipbuilding industry with an excellent ecosystem. All these are going under the initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat, as it has a motto of “Make in India” and “Make for the World”. Read More

‘India Emerging as a Big FDI Destination,’ Says Ravi Shankar Prasad, Citing Growth in the NDA Government
India is becoming a Major FDI Destination as the FDI inflow is growing well in India. According to the release of figures the FDI in India has grew by 60% in April. India has become the Fifth largest recipient in FDI inflow in the world. Read More

Sri Lanka Receives a $100 Million Line of Credit from India to Fund Solar Projects
India has increased the Line of Credit by $100 million to Sri Lanka through Exim Bank for funding the projects under the solar energy sector. This credit will assist various solar energy project in financing in Sri Lanka, including those projects announced during the International Solar Alliance founding conference in March 2018. Read More

India’s External Sector Has Managed Efficiently
In Past three decades, India has experienced two big crisis. First in 1990-91 balance of payments crisis and second COVID-19 pandemic. The time between these two crises is a valuable case study in India’s calibrated foreign sector management. From the study it was learned that short-term debt-creating flows should be avoided and the current account deficits should be kept to minimum. India’s strategy is to encourage the capital inflows with the preference for the stable flows. Read More

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